Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar has Experience in Multiple Medical Areas

Dr Rowan Molnar

Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar holds vast experience in different medical areas such as anaesthetics, urology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, limb salvage and reconstruction surgery, lithotripsy, revascularization, etc. He is associated with the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, Australian Medical Association, International Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Society for Education in Anaesthesia, American Society of Anaesthesiologists, Association for Study of Medical Education, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AIDC), and is a member of Harvard Club, MENSA, Tasmanian Aero Club, and Lilydale Flying Club.

Dr Rowan Molnar is a seasoned medical professional who holds various certifications such as Australian Medical Registration, MDO, Simulation Teaching Accreditation, Simulation Teaching Accreditation, and Accreditation for Continuing Education and Risk Management. In 2006, he established St. Vincent’s Simulation Facility in Education Centre in Melbourne, which included multiple simulation rooms, lecture theatre, tutorial rooms, and a wet laboratory. He was responsible for the designing and building of the upgraded simulation centre, and thus, was also involved in purchasing simulation equipment, audio-visual system, and ancillary equipment.

In 2000, Dr. Rowan founded St. Vincent’s Simulation Centre for which he received funding from government and private sources. He designed an ideal simulation centre with architects, supervised the building of the centre, and equipped it with high fidelity and part task trainers and specific equipment for anaesthesia and emergency. From 2000 to 2012, he was involved in the Simulation Equipment Replacement Management Programme, and successfully organized funding and purchasing for timely replacement of simulation equipment commensurate with wear and tear and improvements in technology.

Away from his busy work schedule Dr Rowan Molnar still manages to take time out for his hobbies. He has a great interest in travelling, flying aircraft, fly fishing, snow skiing, and football. In addition, he also devotes his time and efforts to community development and charitable works.


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