Dr. Rowan Molnar – A Medical Expert and Accomplished Writer

Dr Rowan Molnar

Dr Rowan Molnar has extensive experience in the medical profession. He started his professional career with St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, and throughout the years, he has earned a solid background in anaesthetics, orthopaedics, gynaecology, hepatic and biliary surgery, paediatrics, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, colorectal surgery, and ophthalmology.

He is a proficient, dedicated professional who has earned membership with various prestigious medical associations and organizations such as Australian Society of Anaesthetists, Australian Medical Association, International Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Society for Education in Anaesthesia, American Society of Anaesthesiologists, Association for Study of Medical Education, and Australian Institute of Company Directors (AIDC).

Dr Rowan Molnar from Australia is a medical expert who has received a wide range of awards for his excellent contribution toward the growth and development of the medical community.
Some of these are the Dean’s Prize from the University of Melbourne/St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Board of Effective Management of Anaesthesia Crises from Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Abbott & Australian Society of Anaesthetists Research Grant from Abbott & Australian Society of Anaesthetists, and
Rupert Harvey Travel Scholarship from the Department of Anaesthesia, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar is an accomplished writer whose publications are included in numerous popular medical journals. Through his publications, he shares his healthcare knowledge and experience with others.

Rowan Molnar

Recently, he published a book on healthcare entitled, Creative Disruption in Medicine & Healthcare. The book is focused on educating individuals, medical professionals, healthcare groups and associations with different medical practices and approaches.

Dr. Rowan provides a wealth of information in this book so that readers can get in-depth details about healthcare services, costs, healthcare options, etc. Creative Disruption in Medicine & Healthcare is available at Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, and Kindle. Visit these sites, and order your copy today.


One thought on “Dr. Rowan Molnar – A Medical Expert and Accomplished Writer

  1. Dr. Rowan Molnar is a skilled anesthetist. He has vast clinical experience in anesthesia. I like his way of treating the patients.


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